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Release Date: May 3, 2024

Dååth "The Deceivers" CD
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01. No Rest No End (feat. Spiro Dussias)
02. Hex Unending (feat. Dan Sugarman of Ice Nine Kills)
03. Ascension (feat. Dean Lamb of Archspire)
04. With Ill Desire
05. The Silent Foray (feat. Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry)
06. Unwelcome Return (feat. Spiro Dussias)
07. Purified by Vengeance (feat. Mark Holcomb of Periphery & Mick Gordon)
08. Deserving of the Grave (feat. Jeff Loomis)
09. Into Forgotten Dirt

CD Features:
+ Jewel Case
+ 12-Page Booklet

Lauded experimental death metal band Dååth has emerged from its 13-year hiatus with a new album, 'The Deceivers', at once a devastating reminder and giant leap forward that showcases the technical wizardry and brutal intensity that the Atlanta, Georgia-bred band is capable of.

Band founder/guitarist Eyal Levi has overseen an overhaul of the lineup, though importantly Dååth still features force-of-nature vocalist Sean Zatorsky, who has fronted the band since 2007. Dååth circa 2024 finds Levi determined to expand on the aural and lyrical journey he set out on when the band first formed in 1999.

"Now Dååth is more orchestrated, more over the top. We have more melodies and they're beautiful," Levi says. That's what 'The Deceivers' is: Monstrously heavy but beautifully orchestrated, blessed with melodies that will haunt anybody fortunate enough to hear it. The nine tracks were produced by Levi, with Andrew Wade doing vocal production, John Douglass engineering, Jens Bogren mixing, and Tony Lindgren mastering.

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